What Is Laser Hair Therapy?

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Dealing with hair loss can be embarrassing. The reason for the loss does not matter; it could be due to a prolonged illness, or it could be genetic. Non-invasive techniques can help restore what you have lost. Laser hair therapy is one of the many options you have to help bolster your self-esteem and even prevent future loss.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy?

This is a non-invasive technique that utilizes infrared light on the scalp to stimulate growth. The compressed, cold light wavelength penetrates the skin and stimulates microcirculation. This improves cellular metabolism and results in better protein synthesis, which leads to a fuller head of hair that is stronger and thicker than before.

How Does It Work?

These treatments work by sending infrared light to the scalp. The frequency of the infrared light stimulates the cells, which in turn increases blood flow and oxygen to the follicles. This switches the follicles from the dormant, or rest phase to the growth phase. In studies, approximately 70 percent of the follicles bombarded by the infrared light move into the growth phase.

What Are the Side Effects?

One of the best things about laser hair therapy is there are no known side effects. Despite using an infrared light for the procedure, it is painless. The "cold' light doesn't burn, and there is no UV exposure. The entire procedure is non-invasive and non-surgical. You can resume your normal activities immediately following your treatments. Some patients even read or watch TV during their therapy sessions.

Could You Be a Candidate?

Laser hair therapy is effective for both men and women. Anyone who has noticed thinning locks can use the therapy to regrow their own natural mane. Those who have undergone transplant surgery also benefit from the treatments. For those patients, it is a follow-up to the invasive procedure, which helps heal the scalp faster. It also stimulates the newly transplanted tissue for quicker regrowth.

Those who suffer from Alopecia or undergo treatments such as chemotherapy can benefit from this therapy as well. In addition to using non-surgical grafts and prosthetics, this therapy can help to enhance your overall appearance.

How Does It Work for Loss Prevention?

For those who are in the early stages of loss, thinning is your biggest concern. The same techniques used to restore your tresses also stop them from falling out. This preventative maintenance is coupled with a topical loss prevention system in the form of shampoos, conditioners, or salves. The topical formula reduces your body's DHT production, which is a hormone responsible for shrinking your follicles.

Should You See a Specialist?

There are many over-the-counter options making similar claims to restoring your locks to their former glory. However, many of these systems do not work as advertised. Additionally, while these laser hair systems do use cold light, there is always a chance of injury due to negligent use. A specialist knows exactly what to do, what settings to use, and how long each treatment should last. This ensures that you are getting the safest and best treatment.

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